Layaways: Another Way to plan your vacations Our terms and conditions and policies. Down Payment: 30% of your total price of the vacation. Payments: You can make payments according your schedule. However, you must pay at least 50% of the total cost within 45 days after the first payment is made, and finish paying the layaway within 30 days before the date you are traveling. You must make your payments to us where you opened your layaway plan. Cancellation Fee: 30%. Using Layaway plan If you don’t want to pay with plastic and you don’t have the necessary cash on hand, you can process your vacation with a layaway plan.

Layaway vacation plans are designed for people who want to plan their vacations without using credit or paying the full price immediately. When you use layaway, you typically put down a deposit

— usually a 30% of the purchase price

— and pay over time. We will process the reservation for you, Once you complete the payment and provide all the details regarding your vacation destination. The layaway policy •

The terms of the layaway plan: • How much time you have to pay for the vacation reservation?

– Depending on the traveling date, you have 30 days before the specific date to process the total amount. • When your payments are due?

– 30 days before departure date. • The minimum payment required and possible charges for using the plan,

– By using our service, you will be charge only a 5% fee. Including in the package price.

– The minimum payment needed is 30% down and subsequent payments are due every 30 days until balance is pay off.

Keep in mind that if you select a travel date in the next month, you will be charge the total amount at once. And no cancellation can be made for last minute layaway.

• Find out if there is a fee or a penalty for missed or late payments: Will your contract be cancelled?

– Once a plan is set, our system will schedule the next payment to be charge on the same debit or credit card. If for any reasons your card fails, an email will be send to you and will try to submit payment within 48 hours. Once the 48 hours is expired and the card has not been processed, a cancelation email will be sent and the program will be closed and the Deposit of 30% will be forfieted. • The refund policy:

– If you decide you don’t want the vacation after you’ve made some or all the payments, the program was already loaded to 75% or 85%, you will be refunding only a 45% or 55%. Depending of your program payment levels. – No possible cancellation for Layaway plan of 2, 3, 4 months. – Refund for layaway need to have a plan of 6 months and up.

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